2019 LOTMG Performers

The Other Years.jpg

The Other Years

The Other Years are a duet born from a sister friendship, two friendly vines headed up the same tree. Their voices combine in many forms, embarking on a journey of song writing influenced by the old time tradition.

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The Handshake Deals

The Handshake Deals is a KY based duo project comprised of Laura and Casey. They play original yet timeless music born from the road, hard work, and love.

Whiskey Bent Valley Boys.jpg

Whiskey Bent Valley Boys


Hailing from the back woods of Bloomfield, Kentucky. The Whiskey Bent Valley Boy’s pay homage to their southern kin. Songs from the tobacco fields to the rivers, iron skillets to moonshine stills, upbeat and professional, this band possesses the skill to honor history and preserve the instrument, their style and every authentic nuance of the day.

Photo by Erica Chambers

Photo by Erica Chambers

Brett Ratliff & John Haywood

Brett Ratliff and John Haywood team up, drawing upon East Kentucky’s rich music traditions to speak to a new generation.

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The Codgers (Detroit)

The Codgers formed in southwest Detroit in 2006 and have since played at hole-in-the-wall Irish pubs, rock venues, dinner theatre, a senior citizen's home, wedding parties, on boats on the Clinton River and Lake St. Clair, and probably on your street corner. Their claim to fame is sparking the first crowd-surfing incident at Mario's restaurant in Detroit.

Don Rogers by Melissa Stilwell.jpg

Don Rogers

Don Rogers has deep roots in Kentucky old time music. His grandfather and great uncles recorded on the Gennet label in the 1930s as the Kentucky String Ticklers. His father, Donnie, plays guitar with the Kentucky Clodhoppers. Don is a versatile multi-instrumentalist and songwriter whose work can be heard on his new album Winetown, released in 2018. .

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Sarah Kate Morgan

The music of Sarah Morgan embodies her respect and joy of folk music and her creative approach to arranging. Backing traditional Appalachian melodies and haunting old time tunes with fresh harmonies and a progressive drive, she lends a new feel to seemingly "old" tunes, while accompanying pure and heartfelt vocals with the unpretentious sound of the Appalachian dulcimer. 


The New Beckham County Ramblers

The New Beckham County Ramblers are a diverse group of musicians who play the old-time string band tunes of generations past and make it just as enjoyable.


More to come…